Monthly Archives: February 2017

Terminal would cut crude oil imports

The Vancouver Energy terminal will accept midcontinent North American crude oil and ship it to West Coast refineries, which will convert the oil for U.S. consumption. Nearly 40 percent of the oil used for transportation fuels on the West Coast is from foreign sources. The project has the potential to displace 30 percent of all crude oil imported to the West Coast today.
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BNSF invests in Washington

BNSF recently announced that its 2017 capital expenditures include $175 million for Washington, second only to Texas and Illinois. The money will go toward replacing and upgrading rail lines, new safety measures and new equipment.
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Terminal meets Tri-Cities community

Dan Riley, Vice President of Government Affairs for Tesoro, met with employers, community leaders and elected officials this week as the speaker at a Pasco Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Keep Washington Competitive was there with more details.
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