Benefits to Washington

Crude Transportation Pacific NorthwestThe proposed Vancouver Energy terminal enables the safe transfer of North American crude oil from rail to ship, bringing domestic oil to refineries in Washington and along the West Coast.  The crude oil will be converted to transportation fuels and other petroleum products that fuel the daily lives of Washington residents. The terminal will also provide up to $2 billion and more than 1,000 jobs to the state economy.

Please visit this page to send a letter to Governor Inslee in support of the terminal and the benefits it will bring to Washington.


  • Vancouver Energy will provide a steady, reliable supply of North American crude oil to Washington, fostering energy for transportation fuels and petroleum to create products critical to our way of life. Read more about how Vancouver Energy will make the West Coast more energy independent here.


  • Vancouver Energy will generate economic impact and jobs for Washington's economy for years to come through taxes and job creation. Read more about Vancouver Energy's positive impact for Washington's economy and the West Coast as a whole here.


Explore this site to learn more about the Vancouver Energy project, including the project’s unprecedented safety commitments and the latest news about the terminal.