Economic Contributions

Vancouver Energy Economic Benefits


Local, Statewide and Regional Benefits

Vancouver Energy will bring jobs and economic benefits to the area, further unlocking the economic potential of Vancouver, Washington state and the Port of Vancouver USA. Industrial growth at the Port of Vancouver USA, which generates $1.7 billion in economic benefit to the region annually, is vital to the area’s economy. Vancouver Energy is consistent with the Port’s current tenants, leverages the Port’s investment in rail facilities and is an excellent fit to achieve economic stimulus.

Vancouver Energy will support the region by attracting jobs, growing the local economy and investing in the community. Every paycheck earned ends up being reinvested back into the local community – in grocery and clothing stores, for example – for the area’s greater economic benefit.

  • Vancouver Energy will generate $2 billion in economic value to the local and regional economy of the City of Vancouver, Clark County and surrounding counties through labor income, tax revenues, and profits from the terminal’s direct, indirect and induced impacts.*
  • Vancouver Energy will produce $1.6 billion in labor income during its construction and assumed first 15 years of terminal operation.
  • It will generate more than $22 million in state and local taxes during construction.
  • It will support public facilities and services through more than $7.8 million in tax revenue annually that will go to state and local governments.
  • Clark County and surrounding counties will benefit with approximately 320 full-time jobs during the terminal construction. Plus, 176 direct on-site jobs and 440 direct off-site operations jobs will be created to operate the facility. More than 1,000 jobs will be supported by Vancouver Energy once the terminal is fully operational.
  • Vancouver Energy is also investing in the community through the Vancouver Energy Community Fund, which provides grants to local organizations aligned with community needs.

* When operated at full capacity