Energy Independence

Vancouver Energy Energy Independence


Viable and Secure Future

Vancouver Energy will decrease America’s dependence on foreign oil by potentially displacing 30 percent of the crude oil currently imported from foreign countries for use on the West Coast.

Vancouver Energy can change the way the country provides for its energy needs. By producing and utilizing the natural resources of North America, rather than importing foreign oil, we can better influence and control environmental impact and safe transportation.

  • Vancouver Energy will not increase the use of crude oil, but will replace foreign imports with North American sources.
  • Annual production of crude oil from Alaska’s North Slope has been declining since 1988, and West Coast refiners have sought alternative sources. Refineries on the West Coast adjusted to declining regional production by increasing imports of foreign crude oil over the past five years.Crude Transportation Pacific Northwest
  • The Bakken formation in the midcontinent region provides clear opportunity to continue to meet West Coast crude oil needs.
  • The only crude oil pipeline connecting the West Coast to midcontinent crude oil sources is only capable of supplying about 10 percent of the West Coast crude oil demand, which is inadequate. The terminal would help meet crude oil demands in the six-state region that Vancouver Energy would serve (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona and Alaska), where petroleum provides 95 percent of the energy for transportation.
  • Washington’s manufacturing, consumer goods, trade, agriculture and aerospace industries will not be able to function without abundant petroleum fuels at a reasonable cost.