Chief testifies on Mosier incident

By Vancouver Energy On July 12, 2016

Jim Appleton, Fire Chief in Mosier, Ore, testified at today's adjudication proceedings about the response to the June 3 derailment of a crude oil train near the city. Appleton said the fire from the derailment, with the help of nearby fire crews, was contained to a small area and did not spread to the surrounding community or structures. The fire also did not lead to any explosions, Appleton said.

The fire chief praised the emergency response provided by mutual aid agreements from nearby communities and Union Pacific, the rail company that owned the railroad tracks on which the train traveled.

The chief’s key concern was the safety of the community, and Vancouver Energy shared that concern.

Upon receiving news of the derailment on June 3, Vancouver Energy offered its emergency response equipment and other additional resources to help respond to the incident. Tesoro and Vancouver Energy have foam, boom and oil spill response equipment staged in Pasco, Wishram and Vancouver, Washington. They also have additional resources available as part of their membership in Marine Spill Response Corporation and the Clean Rivers Cooperative.

IMG_7583--In other adjudication testimony today, Robert Chipkevich, a former director of railroad, pipeline and hazardous materials investigations at the National Transportation Safety Board, said DOT-117 rail cars are an improvement over previous generation rail cars. Vancouver Energy has committed to accepting only DOT-117 or better rail cars at the terminal.