Document Library

Vancouver Energy’s library includes several documents and industry analysis reports. These documents highlight various fact sheets, research polling results, and data around our Economic Impact Assessment.

Of note, the Economic Impact Assessment uncovered that during the terminal’s construction and assumed 15 year operating life, the Vancouver Energy project will increase economic value added by $2 billion in Clark County and the nine other counties closest to the project.

The industry analysis reports link to various assessments, studies, and surveys, detailing the economic and environmental impact of the project.

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Project Documents

Vancouver Energy Fact Sheet
EFSEC Application (August 2013)
DHM Research Survey Results (Summer 2014)
Economic Impact Assessment – Full Report (July 2014)
Economic Impact Assessment – Summary (July 2014)
Economic Impact Assessment – Fact Sheet (July 2014)
Economic Impact Assessment – FAQs (July 2014)
Vancouver Energy DEIS Comment Letter (January 2015)
Washington State and Clark County Polling Fact Sheet (Summer 2015)
DHM Research Polling Results – Statewide (Summer 2015)

DHM Research Polling Results - Clark County (Summer 2015)
Vancouver Energy Post-Adjudication Hearing Brief (September 2016)
Vancouver Energy Revised Application Revised Application for Site Certification (October 2016)

Western States Petroleum Association 2016 Survey Results (October 2016)
BNSF November Letter to EFSEC in Response to EFSEC Inquiry (November 2016)

Vancouver Energy November Cover Letter to EFSEC Related to BNSF Response to EFSEC (November 2016)
Vancouver Energy Letter to Port Commissioner Brian Wolfe (March 2017)
Vancouver Energy Project Update (March 2017)
BNSF Overview on Rail Safety (March 2017)

Industry Analysis / Reports

Port of Vancouver USA Rail Risk Assessment (March 2014)
International Index of Energy Security Risk (March 2014)
North Dakota Petroleum Council: Bakken Crude Quality Assurance Study (May 2014)
American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers: Survey of Bakken Crude Oil (May 2014)
An Engine of Prosperity, Freight Rail’s Pivotal Role in Pacific Northwest’s Export Economy (September 2014)

Pacific Northwest Waterways Association: Impacts of the Channel Deepening on the Columbia River (June 2015)
Association of American Railroads 2016 State of the Industry Report (2016)
American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers Annual Report (2016)