Giving Back

Vancouver Energy Giving Back


Supporting Community Needs

Being a good corporate citizen means being a good community neighbor and long-term partner.

As part of Vancouver Energy’s commitment to the community, we partnered with the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington to create a donor-advised fund.

The Vancouver Energy Community Fund was launched with support from our partners, including Tesoro, Savage and BNSF. The fund is designed to support efforts aligned with community needs—identified through feedback from more than 500,000 area residents—and our shared values:

  • Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM),
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE);
  • Early Childhood Development and Literacy);
  • Public Safety; and
  • Environmental Conservation and Sustainability.

Vancouver Energy has enlisted a community advisory board to assist in the selection of grant awards.

Vancouver Energy is committed to the education and development of children in Clark County and Vancouver. We’ll invest in education, literacy and development initiatives that prepare students for academic and professional success. Our support efforts target children of all ages, in addition to collegiate and skill-building programs.


Vancouver Energy is committed to safety for our team on-site, but also our community around the site. We want to make the community of Southwest Washington a stronger, safer place to live, work and play. As a part of this commitment, Vancouver Energy will provide funding, equipment and support to first responders, government agencies and community-based organizations to increase the overall safety of the community.

Our focus with the Vancouver Energy Community Fund will be community projects and organizations that help better prepare for, mitigate the risks of, and respond to general public safety concerns, hazards, natural disasters and other emergencies.


Vancouver Energy is committed to the environment. We support government agencies; environmental and community groups; and trade, professional and industry associations devoted to efforts that protect, conserve and sustain our environmental resources. These efforts may include recycling initiatives, clean-ups, educational programs, support of nature trails and research projects.