Frequently Asked Questions

Terminal Overview

  1. Who are Tesoro and Savage?
  2. What is the purpose of Vancouver Energy?
  3. Why is Vancouver, Washington, the best location for the terminal?
  4. What kind of community support does Vancouver Energy have?
  5. Why did Tesoro change its name to Andeavor? Will it have any impact on Vancouver Energy?
  6. How was Vancouver Energy selected to submit a proposal at the Port of Vancouver USA?
  7. Did the Port of Vancouver USA involve the public in its decision to pursue the Vancouver Energy project?
  8. Does Vancouver Energy have an active lease at the Port of Vancouver?
  9. Do Port Commissioners have the authority to declare the lease null and void if they choose?

Terminal Operations

  1. Is Vancouver Energy a refinery?
  2. What kind of crude oil will the terminal accept?
  3. Is Tesoro-Savage planning to increase the size of Vancouver Energy or build another facility?
  4. How many trains will Vancouver Energy bring through Clark County daily?
  5. Will Vancouver Energy export oil overseas?
  6. How will the Columbia River be able to handle the additional ship calls that will be added due to this project?
  7. Will a surge in rail shipments of crude oil prevent or cause delays in shipments of grain and other commodities?

EFSEC Review and Permitting Process

  1. What is the permitting process for Vancouver Energy?
  2. What are the next steps of the EFSEC permitting process?
  3. Why is an air permit required?
  4. What is the purpose of the air permit and stormwater permits that are part of the EFSEC review process?
  5. What is the difference between the two stormwater permits?
  6. Will the terminal cause odors?
  7. How will Vancouver Energy comply with federal standards on emissions and air pollutants?
  8. What do you mean by “cleaner” oil?

Economic Impacts

  1. Approximately how many jobs will be added by the project? What types of jobs?
  2. What are the economic benefits provided by the project?
  3. Can other businesses operate at the Port of Vancouver USA if Vancouver Energy constructs its terminal there?
  4. Can crude oil be stopped from coming to Vancouver if the Vancouver Energy terminal is not permitted?
  5. Will the presence of Vancouver Energy displace the wind energy already coming in to the Port of Vancouver USA?

Safety and Emergency Response

  1. How often are railroads inspected?
  2. Are there seismic concerns with the project?
  3. How have you demonstrated your commitment to safety and to addressing the points raised in the review process thus far?
  4. What rail safety measures have been put in place?
  5. Can oil be safely transmitted through the community?
  6. What has been done to prepare first responders in local areas for spills?
  7. Is the Columbia River safe for tanker traffic?