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The Vancouver Energy terminal proposed by Tesoro and Savage at the Port of Vancouver USA has been gaining traction in the news. These articles highlight how the terminal will support Washington jobs, the economy, and U.S. energy independence.

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March 2017: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Courtney Wallace, Regional Director, Public Affairs, BNSF Railway
December 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Willy Myers, Executive Secretary Treasurer, Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council
November 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Ann Donnelly, Vancouver business leader
November 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Doug Price, Consulting Engineer - Environmental, Tesoro
November 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Jared Larrabee, General Manager, Vancouver Energy
November 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Cydney Garland, Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Savage Services
October 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Jared Larrabee, General Manager, Vancouver Energy
October 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Kieth Casey, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Commercial, Tesoro Corporation
July 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Eric Haugstad, Director of Contingency Planning and Emergency Response for Tesoro
July 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring John Hack, Senior Manager of Rail Operations for Tesoro
July 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Capt. Marc Bayer, Senior Director of Shipping Operations for Tesoro Maritime
July 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Brad Roach, Senior Director for Market Analysis and Senior Economist at Tesoro - Part 1
July 2016: KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Brad Roach, Senior Director for Market Analysis and Senior Economist at Tesoro - Part 2
KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Nathan Savage, Executive Vice President and Group Leader, Oil & Gas Solutions, Savage Services
KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring CJ Warner, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Tesoro Corporation - Part 1
KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring CJ Warner, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Tesoro Corporation - Part 2
KXL-FM - Business Briefing with Brian Bushlach: Featuring Jared Larrabee, General Manager, Vancouver Energy
October 2015: CNBC, Tesoro places its bet on a new, West Coast oil terminal


July 9: The Columbian, Letter: Terminal is right for the port
July 8: The Columbian, Letter: Support oil terminal for Vancouver
July 5:, Tesoro changes name to Andeavor to reflect growth, company’s direction
July 1: KUOW, Washington Pushes Deadline On Vancouver Oil Terminal Decision
June 29: The Columbian, EFSEC gives itself another extension on terminal project
June 8: KATU, Final public hearing held on proposed oil terminal 
June 7: The Columbian, EFSEC listens to foes, supporters of proposed oil terminal
June 6: Reuters, Refiner Tesoro nears end of Vancouver rail-to-marine terminal quest
June 6: The Reflector, Vancouver Energy project is good for Clark County
June 1: The Columbian, Letter: Work to benefit the majority
May 17: The Register-Guard, Letter: Oil trains are becoming safer
May 9: The Lens, Labor, Business Leaders Ask Governor to Support Energy Projects
May 6: The Columbian, Public Comment Period Open for Proposed Terminal
May 3: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Washington State Approves Draft Air Permit For Vancouver Oil Terminal
March 27: The Columbian, Letter: Support Vancouver oil terminal
March 18: The Spokesman-Review, Track inspectors on front lines of safe shipment of crude oil, state says
March 17: The Columbian, Letter: Thanks to Wolfe and the port
March 16: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Washington Supreme Court Upholds Oil Terminal Process
March 15: The East Oregonian, Boardman Chamber of Commerce luncheon focuses on rail safety
February 28: Tri-City Herald, Energy facility committee has worked – so far
February 27: The Columbian, Would pipeline threaten terminal at Port of Vancouver?
February 22: The Columbian, BNSF plans rail upgrades in state
February 14: NWLaborPress, Apprentices can benefit from energy infrastructure project
February 10: Vancouver Business Journal, BNSF beefs up safety measures ahead of EFSEC ruling
February 7: Argus Media, Tesoro sees border tax limiting crude flexibility
February 3: Tri-City Herald, Vancouver oil terminal seeks support from Tri-Cities
January 25: Portland Business Journal, Port of Vancouver makes Marler its permanent chief
January 19: The Columbian, First data on oil movement released following state law
January 18: The Columbian, Pearson education program receives grant for model plane kits
January 10: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Port Of Vancouver Names CEO Finalists
January 6: The Olympian, Slow regulatory process hurts state’s economy


December 30: Vancouver Business Journal, 2017 Forecast: Southwest Washington is hotbed of development
December 11: The Columbian, Letter: Support Vancouver Oil Terminal
November 29: The Columbian, Hearing on a permit for oil terminal is today
November 25: Vancouver Business Journal, Undeveloped industrial sites key to future growth
November 16: The Daily News, Let’s play to our strengths — and create jobs
November 4: The Columbian, Oil terminal permit open for comment
October 28: The Lens, New Reports: Port Project Delays A Blow To Workers, And Washington Economy
October 21: Association of Washington Business, Vancouver Energy offers innovative proposal to link train throughput to safety performance
October 13: The Olympian, Oil terminal merits approval
October 7: Vancouver Business Journal, Facts support approval of Vancouver Energy
October 7: The Columbian, Vancouver Energy offers to start terminal operations at half capacity
October 7: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Vancouver Oil Terminal Project Makes Big Bet On Oil Train Safety
September 26: The Columbian, Letter: Support for Vancouver Energy
September 23: The Spokesman-Review, Making transport safer
September 4: The Columbian, EFSEC gives opponents of oil terminal more time
September 2: Vancouver Business Journal, Vancouver Energy: All eyes on EFSEC as deadline passes
August 22: The Spokesman Review, Support Vancouver Energy
July 29: The Columbian, EFSEC hearings end in Vancouver amid protests
July 24: The Columbian, Oil terminal hearings finish fourth week
July 19: The Lens, State Takes Long Look Under Hood Of Economic Engine Eyed For Clark County
July 16: The Columbian, EFSEC hearings: Oil terminal opponents have their turn
July 12: Washington Post, Why Obama’s top scientist just called keeping fossil fuels in the ground ‘unrealistic’ 
July 10: Everett Herald, Vancouver oil terminal necessary to state, U.S. energy needs
July 9: The Columbian, Risks key topic at EFSEC hearings
July 8: The Olympian, Rail industry works hard to improve safety
July: Southwest Washington Business Contractors, Business Spotlight
June 30: Tri-City Herald, Letter: Shipping crude oil by rail is relatively safe
June 20: The Columbian, Letter: Revisions expected as updates
June 17: Portland Business Journal, Guest opinion: Debating Vancouver oil — why the proposed terminal remains beneficial
June 13: The Hill, Railroad investments spur economy and improve safety
June 13: Oregon Business, Tesoro defends proposed oil terminal
June 8: The Columbian, Port of Vancouver’s rails kept to high-than-needed safety level
June 7: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Vancouver Port, Tesoro-Savage Sign Amended Lease For Oil Terminal
June 6: Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal, Lost economic opportunities from energy projects mounting
May 20: Flathead Beacon, BNSF Continues to Prioritize Safety
May 4: Bloomberg, California Isn't Feeling U.S. Oil Boom as OPEC Dependence Grows
May 1: The Columbian, Oil terminal proposal a matter of timing
April 19: Progressive Railroading, Port of Vancouver amends Vancouver Energy's lease
April 18: Portland Business Journal, Vancouver Port extends lease for oil terminal developers
April 15: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Vancouver Port Gives Oil Companies What They Want — More Time
April 14: Crosscut, BNSF is moving commodities safely and responsibly
April 12: KOIN-TV, Public weighs in on Vancouver oil lease request
April 12: KGW-TV, Hearing on permits for Vancouver oil terminal draws crowd
April 12: KPTV-TV, Proposed oil transfer facility at Port of Vancouver has opponents, supporters
April 8: Vancouver Business Journal, EFSEC review of Vancouver Energy needs to be completed
April 5: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Vancouver Port Could Decide Oil Terminal Fate Next Week
April 1: INFORUM, Senators tell railroads to begin talking safety
March 25: The Columbian, EFSEC sifting through comments on proposed oil terminal
March 23: The Columbian, In Our View: Striking a Good Balance
March 15: The Columbian, Vancouver Energy donates $100,000 to local charity
March 9: Vancouver Business Journal, Port of Vancouver celebrates record-breaking year
March 4: Vancouver Business Journal, Vancouver Energy Community Fund awards grants to local organizations
March 2: The Columbian, Letter: Derailments are low-percentage
March 1: The Columbian, Habitat for Humanity awarded $25,000 grant
February 16: The Columbian, BNSF on track for $220M investment in state
February 9: The Columbian, State-of-the-Railroads Annual Report
February 4: The Columbian, Hearings on oil terminal to begin in June
February 3: The Columbian, School of Piano Technology for the Blind receives grant to technology upgrade
January 14: Associated Press, Residents continue to turn up for oil terminal hearings
January 12: The Stand, Rally Tuesday in support of Vancouver Energy project
January 12: Portland Business Journal, Vancouver Energy GM: Oil terminal offers a bridge to the energy future
January 12: The Spokesman-Review, Spokane-area residents can weigh in on Vancouver oil terminal Thursday
January 12: The Columbian, Letter: Oil supplies everyday conveniences
January 12: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Could The Dip In Oil Prices Affect Vancouver's Proposed Oil Terminal?
January 12: The Reflector, Increased safety and jobs – a winning combination
January 11: The Columbian, Letter: Allow for rational review of project
January 6: The Columbian, Letter: Support New Jobs at Next Hearing
January 6: Vancouver Business Journal, Q&A: Vancouver Energy exec. weighs in on EFSEC, the business community & more
January 6: Associated Press, Hundreds sign up to testify as hearing on Vancouver oil terminal lasts 8 hours
January 5: The Columbian, Hundreds weigh in on Vancouver oil terminal
January 4: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Public To Weigh In On Proposed Oil Terminal


December 21: CNBC, BNSF Trains More Than 900 Washington First Responders in 2015
December 19: The Seattle Times, Lifting oil-export ban unlikely to affect state right away
December 18: The Columbian, Letter: Safeguard Designed Into Project
December 16: The Columbian, Vancouver Energy: Local oil not for export
December 15: The Columbian, 500 comments received on Vancouver oil terminal
December 14: The Seattle Times, Carnegie Endowment challenges Tesoro claim about greenhouse gas emissions
December 10: The Columbian, Letter: Project Invests in Local Economy
December 6: The Columbian, Oil terminal: A Q&A of what happens next
December 6: The Columbian, Draft analysis fuels different interpretations
November 10: The Columbian, Extension sought for review period for oil terminal impact statement
October 20: The Columbian, Evaluation council sticks with oil terminal timeline
October 16: CNBC, Tesoro places its bet on a new, West Coast oil terminal
September 26: The News Tribune, Op-Ed: Support for fuel terminals is support for state’s workers
September 23: Vancouver Business Journal, New survey shows continued support for oil facility
September 18: Energy Global, Tesoro gives talk on crude oil-by-road safety
September 18: Vancouver Business Journal, Port of Vancouver: The little economic engine that could
September 17: KFGO-FM, NTSB chair: No evidence that Bakken oil is more volatile than other crude
September 17: The Columbian, Companies backing oil terminal plan unveil new oil rail cars
September 17: The Columbian, Survey finds support for Vancouver oil terminal
September 17: KGW, New Tesoro oil tank cars debut in Vancouver
September 13: The Seattle Times, The inconvenient truth about our energy needs
September 6: The Seattle Times, Letter: Vancouver Energy Terminal: Opposition distorts facts
August 28: Progressive Railroading, Oregon DOT strengthens rail safety measures, adds four rail inspectors
August 27: The Seattle Times, Opinion: Vancouver Energy terminal: good for Washington and nation
August 26: Associated Press, Judge rules Vancouver oil terminal did not violate laws
August 13: The Columbian, Port of Vancouver celebrates completion of trench project
August 6: Oregon Public Broadcasting, Settlement Reveals New Details Of Vancouver Oil Terminal Deal
August 5: The Columbian, Port releases new oil terminal lease details
July 15: The Seattle Times, Port asks Inslee to prod regulators on oil terminal project
June 4: Vancouver Business Journal, Army Corps latest to evaluate Vancouver Energy proposal
June 2: KPLU NPR Seattle, Railroad And Oil Refineries Sign Mutual Aid Agreement To Respond To Accidents
May 18: Reuters, Exclusive: Tesoro building crude railcars stronger than new U.S. rules require
May 1: Wall Street Journal, U.S. Lays Down Strict Railcar Rules
March 4: NPR, Northwest Oil Terminal Plan Would Mean Jobs And More Oil Trains