Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

The Draft Environment Impact Statement (DEIS) for Vancouver Energy was released November 24, 2015.

As noted in the Executive Summary of the DEIS, “the purpose of the draft is to inform agencies, tribes, and the public about the environmental effects of the proposed Facility and the various measures identified by the Applicant, EFSEC staff, and EFSEC’s independent consultant to minimize those impacts, and to solicit input on that information during the public comment period. Input received during the comment period is used to revise the document and prepare the Final EIS.”

Based on our initial reviews, we believe the DEIS supports the conclusion that the Vancouver Energy terminal can be constructed and operated in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner. It appears that most of the probable impacts identified in the DEIS – especially those associated with the proposed facility itself – are either minor, negligible, or can be mitigated. Statements we’ve seen from opponents of the project appear to focus primarily on events and impacts that are identified in the DEIS as being highly unlikely.

When considering the potential impacts and mitigations identified in the DEIS, it’s also important to consider the economic benefits of the project. The DEIS confirms the conclusions reached by Analysis Group that the Vancouver Energy project will provide jobs for the local economy with above-median wages for the study area. The DEIS also confirms that any impacts to property values adjacent to the rail line are expected to be minor/negligible, between zero and 1.5 percent.

Appendices and references are available upon request. To make a request, go to the "Contact Us" page.