Rail Safety

BNSF Railway has invested $1.5 billion in infrastructure in Washington over the last nineRail Safety years to meet demand and improve safety, and is planning $175 million in Washington infrastructure investments for 2017.

In an email from BNSF Executive Chairman Matthew K. Rose to Senator Maria Cantwell in August 2016, Rose wrote, “BNSF regularly exceeds federal standards in pursuit of risk reduction. Most crude oil routes for BNSF are inspected up to four times per week, more than twice the inspection frequency required by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), and the busiest main lines, including routes through the Columbia River Gorge along the Washington side, are often inspected daily.” BNSF has installed wayside detectors every 10 miles on key routes including in the Columbia River Gorge – quadruple the amount required by the Federal Railroad Administration.

Additionally, the Port of Vancouver USA has implemented several safety enhancements to ensure the tracks at the Port are capable of securely transporting crude oil.