Spill Response

Vancouver Energy believes zero incidents at the terminal is an achievable goal, and we will work tirelessly to prevent incidents, train employees and develop mitigation strategies. We are working closely with the Washington State Department of Ecology and local, state, federal and regulatory agencies in developing an in-depth spill prevention plan that will outline controls and procedures for potential spill scenarios.Spill Response

We are already members of the Clean Rivers Co-op and the Marine Spill Response Corporation. Vancouver Energy and these Oil Spill Response contractors will strategically place “Current Buster” oil containment systems at Pasco, Vancouver, Portland and Astoria. In the unlikely event a spill occurs on the Columbia River, these organizations will deploy pre-staged spill response equipment. This state-of-the-art response equipment is designed to capture oil in high current conditions.

Tesoro and Savage operate with a focus on protecting the safety and well-being of the communities where we live and operate.

Tesoro holds approximately 30 spill response drills annually to understand how to improve preparedness strategies. Tesoro also provides employees with thousands of hours of additional training each year to ensure they are ready to respond. All Tesoro's operations are guided by Emergency Response Plans that are analyzed, reviewed and approved by regulatory bodies such as the United States Coast Guard and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as many state and local agencies.