Survey shows support for crude by rail

By Vancouver Energy On December 13, 2016

A new survey from G2 Public Strategies shows that a majority of Washington voters support shipping crude oil by rail and believe that shipping products by rail is safe.

Most Washington voters also support making the U.S. less dependent on foreign oil, according to the survey. Go here for the survey’s full results.

The Vancouver Energy terminal will safely transfer North American crude oil from rail to ship. The terminal will decrease America’s dependence on foreign oil by potentially displacing 30 percent of the crude oil currently imported from foreign countries for use on the West Coast.

The key findings of the survey of Washington voters:

--65 percent support shipping crude oil by rail through Washington

--66 percent believe that shipping products by rail through Washington is safe

--78 percent believe that creating long-term energy independence from the Middle East is critically important to America’s security and economic future

--82 percent want to improve the safety of all hazardous materials transported via rail rather than a specific ban on crude oil by rail