Terminal commits to community

By Vancouver Energy On January 12, 2017

In a recent interview on KXL-FM, Vancouver Energy General Manager Jared Larrabee discusses the project’s numerous commitments to safety. These commitments include starting operations of the proposed terminal at 50 percent of optimal capacity, and allowing capacity to increase only after demonstrating the safe operation of the facility.

Starting operations at half of capacity is part of a larger commitment to ensuring the project is a safe, reliable and beneficial for the state, region and country, Larrabee said.

Fundamentally, we believe that we need to use our North American resources on the West Coast; that we need to displace that foreign crude oil that we're using; and that we need to be able to convert our North American fuels into the fuels that we use on the West Coast for our daily life. We also heard the concerns that were raised on public safety and environmental protection and we believe that a commitment like this demonstrates our commitment to being sure that (the terminal) is operated safely and in an environmentally responsible way.

Reaction to the capacity change has been encouraging, according to Larrabee.

We've heard positive things from people that we are willing to really go all in on that safety message…The reason we can do that is because we believe and know that we have designed a facility that can be built and operated safely. We have the right relationships with our partners to make sure that it's done safely throughout the supply chain as well.

Safety is just one part of Vancouver Energy’s effort to be a productive member of the community.

You know our whole overall objective is to deliver the fuels that the public needs and uses on a daily basis but to do that in a safe and an environmentally responsible way. In order to do that we need to hire the right people; we need to train those people to do the right things; we need to build the facility right…Our commitment to the safety piece has to be fundamentally, completely aligned with a community's commitment to safety and environmental protection because that's what allows us to operate. That allows us to fulfill our ultimate mission of providing