Terminal creates jobs, energy independence

August 16, 2016

By Miles Bond, a longtime Vancouver resident.

It is exciting when I consider that my state has the opportunity to play a key role in our country’s pursuit of energy independence. With the proposed Vancouver Energy oil terminal, Washington State will provide an important link in securing our nation’s energy future by supplying West Coast refineries with North American crude oil from the Bakken formation.

We have much to gain when American crude oil supplants our nation’s foreign oil consumption, and the United States becomes more energy self-sufficient. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, petroleum products will be an integral part of our nation’s energy consumption for decades to come until alternative energy sources are viable. Crude oil that is produced by Americans for domestic use reduces the amount of U.S. dollars sent overseas to foreign governments – many of whom don’t share our interests.

Utilizing oil found closer to home reduces oil transport costs. Bakken crude oil also has been found to be less carbon intensive than crudes extracted in other parts of the world.

Moreover, domestic oil operations lead to the creation of skilled, family-wage jobs in the U.S. Our community stands to benefit with thousands of direct and indirect jobs, increased economic activity and millions in additional tax revenue to fund public safety, education and other important services.

The simple truth is, we will never reach energy independence without projects like Vancouver Energy. The proposed terminal is an essential step toward strengthening our national security and our regional economy. This is why I personally support the project. It is why many leaders in business and labor endorse Vancouver Energy. And it is why the state should approve it as well.