Terminal cuts down on foreign oil

The Vancouver Energy crude-oil-by-rail terminal at the Port of Vancouver USA will substantially decrease our nation’s reliance on foreign countries for oil. The terminal, by facilitating the transport of North American crude oil, has the potential to displace up to 30 percent of the oil currently imported from foreign countries to the West Coast, helping make America stronger and more secure.

The Vancouver Energy terminal will not increase crude oil production and is not a refinery. Instead, it will enable the safe transfer of North American crude oil from rail to ship and provide a steady, reliable supply of crude oil to Washington and the rest of the West Coast.

By utilizing North American crude oil instead of foreign oil from overseas, Vancouver Energy can change the way the U.S. provides for its energy needs and help ensure the oil’s safe transportation. U.S. environmental regulations are some of the most rigorous in the world, and Washington’s spill prevention regulations are among the most rigorous in the United States. When we p

roduce and use our own crude oil, we can better control its environmental impact.

Learn more about the environmental benefits of Vancouver Energy and how the project will meet the country’s energy needs.

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