Terminal protects the environment

All of us want to reduce carbon emissions to protect our environment, and the Vancouver Energy crude-oil-by-rail terminal will help us do that by using Bakken crude oil that has about 30 percent lower carbon intensity than the typical oil currently refined in Washington, based on Vancouver Energy calculations. The Vancouver Energy terminal, by facilitating the use of lower carbon crude oil, will enable a potential reduction in emissions equal to removing 250,000 cars from our roads.

The Vancouver Energy terminal at the Port of Vancouver USA is committed to environmental protection and public safety in transportation, operations and every other aspect of the project. Of the nearly $210 million we anticipate investing to build the project, approximately $45 million, or more than 20 percent, will be spent on environmental, health and safety measures.

Vancouver Energy will voluntarily begin terminal operations at 50 percent of optimal throughput and only increase after demonstrating the facility operates safely.

The terminal will meet or exceed all state and federal emissions and air quality standards. The terminal’s design far exceeds the State Department of Ecology's target for greenhouse gas reduction as a result of voluntary design changes.

In addition, Vancouver Energy will protect the Columbia River by requiring a tug boat escort for all loaded vessels leaving the terminal, which is not currently done for any vessels on the river today.

Learn more about the environmental benefits of Vancouver Energy.

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