Vancouver Energy helps local schools

October 17, 2016

By Kris Greene, a Vancouver small business owner, member of the East Vancouver Business Association and former president of the Evergreen School District Foundation in Vancouver.

Opponents of the Vancouver Energy terminal try to say the project will have little value to the state, but this assertion is simply wrong.

The project will provide 300 construction jobs, support 1,000 total direct and indirect jobs every year, bring in $1.6 billion in labor income and more than $2 billion in total economic impact. In Vancouver, Clark County and Southwest Washington, this is a huge impact.

I can speak specifically to schools and other public services. In addition to the other benefits I mentioned, Vancouver Energy will produce an estimated $7.8 million in state and local taxes every year.

That includes money for schools.  Our schools are vital today and for our future, and everyone knows there are always needs in our schools that are not met or that are underfunded.

This includes our local police and fire departments, which are also underfunded.

But beyond that direct revenue, our schools will benefit from the millions of dollars earned and spent every year in our community by the people who will build and operate Vancouver Energy, and by all the local businesses that will provide goods and services to the facility.

This is not some pie-in-the-sky assertion. It is based on sound economic principles.

And it’s certainly more relevant than speculation and attempts to portray the project in the worst possible light. The economic opportunity provided by Vancouver Energy should not be lost to hyperbole.

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