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Stable Energy Infrastructure

Vancouver Energy is a joint venture between Tesoro and Savage that was created to design, construct and operate a terminal that receives – but not refines – crude oil by rail and loads it onto ships bound for oil refineries on the West Coast. The Vancouver Energy project is good for the economy, good for the environment and good for America.

So why here, why now?

“Now, even as we accelerate this transition, our economy still has to rely on oil and gas. And as long as that's the case, I believe we should rely more on domestic production than on foreign imports and we should demand the highest safety standards in the industry: our own.”
– President Barack Obama

According to the U.S. Department of Energy over the next several decades, while alternative sources of energy are being developed, the United States will continue to rely upon oil and other fossil fuels. Technological advances in how oil is obtained have allowed domestic production to rise, providing price and quality advantages over foreign oil supplies, while promoting U.S. energy independence.

But there is not enough infrastructure today to get this North American oil to the West Coast where it can be processed into the fuels and products we all need. Vancouver Energy can help bridge that gap by facilitating the distribution of crude oil to West Coast refineries.

The Port of Vancouver USA is the ideal place for this terminal because of its existing access to rail and marine transport. Of all West Coast deepwater seaports, Vancouver has the most direct rail access to the Bakken formation. Direct access reduces transportation costs and enhances safety with fewer handoffs between rail operators.

Vancouver has the unique ability to help usher in enhanced energy independence for America. As the joint venture behind Vancouver Energy, Tesoro and Savage comprise the best team to build and operate this Vancouver Energy terminal. The Port selected Vancouver Energy from proposal responses based on criteria that included our years of operational experience, safety record and successful past partnerships.

We invite you to learn more about Vancouver Energy, as well as how you can get involved with us in making this region, our country and our planet a better place.